What Kind of Training is Out There and Who Needs It?  

It’s easy to assume that only certain industries need to train their employees. It’s definitely a necessity for certain lines of work, especially government-regulated industries with specific compliance training needs. Other businesses may be mandated to use training courses, though. But what kind of training is out there?

Financial Industry Compliance Training

One of the major reasons that certain businesses need compliance training is because the government requires it for that industry. A good example of this would be banks and other financial institutions. These financial institutions have to train employees and executives alike. The government requires these institutions to train their employees in specific and general areas. Some of the training required can be about in-depth financial regulations and other training may be simpler but just as vital. For example, training a bank teller to spot potential warning signs of fraud is just as important as a bank’s officers knowing about the latest regulations regarding loans.

HR Compliance Training

Another type of training often required or, at least, recommended by government bodies is HR compliance training. This type of training often focuses on teaching employees and executive about diversity, sexual harassment, discrimination, and similar issues in the workplace. There’s no single industry that uses this type of training. Many businesses, even federal and local governments require their employees to take this type of training. Even if it’s not required by law, many businesses make it part of their own initiatives to use this kind of training. There are very few industries that couldn’t benefit from a better understanding of ethical issues in the workplace.

Professional Skills Training

Outside of required training, many businesses use courses to teach their staff important professional skills. Professional skills training is often an important part of the onboarding process for many businesses. This type of training isn’t usually mandated by government bodies but can definitely help a business hone their employee’s skills and teach them valuable lessons about everything from anger management to answering calls.

Your Source

If you’re interested in financial compliance training, HR compliance training, or professional skills training for your business, Banker’s Academy can help. With a focus on the financial industry, we stay abreast of the latest in banking regulations and compliance requirements and can provide you with relevant and thorough training for your institution. Contact us today for more information.