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Seat Time: 1.75hrs - Desc:

This course will provide an overview of the various types of risk that can occur. This course will detail credit, market, operational, strategic, interest rate, liquidity, and reputational risk. After completing this program, the learner will understand how to:

  • Differentiate between the types of risk that can occur.
  • Identify, address, and avoid risk by implementing various procedures and preventative measures.
  • Understand the bank products, services, and individuals which are most likely to pose these risks.

Seat Time: 1hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to the many aspects of the corporate planning model, including history and goals of corporate modeling. This course will also provide the learner with information regarding security valuation and determining the values of securities, bonds, and common stocks. After completing this program, the learner will have a solid understanding of:

  • How to forecast a stock price.
  • The types and methods of capital budgeting.
  • Factors to be considered when determining capital expenditures.