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Branch Managers are Sales Leaders

T1. Strengths of a Sales Leader: This topic will differentiate a sales leader from a sales team member, and will evaluate his/her role in guiding the entire sales team to achieving the financial institutionÆs goals.

T2. Sales Leader Skills: This topic will focus upon the necessity of certain skills that sales leaders must have in areas such as motivation, coaching, communicating, and leading.

T3. Importance of Sales Coaching: This topic will discuss the best ways to ensure growth in sales through coaching sessions, and will also describe the different types of sales coaching methods that sales managers can use.

T4. Coaching Success: This topic will explain why preparation is important to coaching success, and why reviewing sales outcome statistics, deciding upon roles, and establishing ultimate goals for each type of coaching session are important.

T5. Motivators: This topic will discuss ways in which a sales leader can motivate the sales team, including descriptions of qualities of effective leaders and ways to sustain motivation.

T6. Understanding Motivation: This topic will question whether anyone is really ôself-motivated,ö and discuss the dangers of pessimism and self-interest, as well as ways to introduce ôfreshö motivation.

T7. Methods of Motivation: This topic will provide an overview of various factors in motivation, such as small motivational tools, training, employee satisfaction surveys, strong communication, and accentuating the positive.

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