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T1. What is HIPAA?: This topic will give the learner a better understanding of the reasons HIPAA was enacted, circumstances in which the bill affects financial institutions, what transactions are covered under HIPAA and the classification of clearinghouses and business associates.

T2. Understanding Insurance Reform: This topic will allow the learner to develop a better understanding of how the HITECH Act facilitates portability, the function of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and certain standards set by HIPAA.

T3. HIPAA and Financial Institutions: This topic will allow the learner to better understand the Privacy Rule, regulations regarding how financial institutions handle Protected Health Information (PHI), and how HIPAA legislation applies to financial institution employees.

T4. Transmission of Information: This topic offers in-depth information regarding the electronic transmission of healthcare information, types of information that is protected under HIPAA, encryption requirements, and exceptions to this provision.

T5. Electronic Standardization: This topic details how national standards established by HIPAA apply to covered entities, when these standards must be used, how the standards apply to internet transactions, and the organizations that regulate and change these standards.

T6. HIPAA Privacy Rule: This topic introduces the Privacy Rule to the learner and details its functions, how it safeguards information, the implications it has on the financial industry, the details surrounding the appointment of Privacy Officers, and some issues of confusion that can arise when dealing with HIPAA.

T7. HIPAA Security Rule: This topic introduces the HIPAA Security Rule and will outline which entities the rule applies to, requirements of the rule, and what financial institutions should consider when developing a method for protecting Private Health Information (PHI).

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