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T1. Antitrust: This topic will provide an introduction to antitrust laws by providing a brief history, in addition to explanations of various antitrust laws and how they are enforced.

T2. Price Fixing and Bid Rigging: This topic will define and provide examples of price fixing and bid-rigging activities.

T3. Corporate Mergers: This topic will define mergers for the learner and will provide him/her with examples and explanations of the different types of mergers, in addition to a brief overview of merger law.

T4. Monopoly Power: This topic will define and provide examples of a monopoly and will outline significant anti-monopoly legislation.

T5. Foreign Antitrust Guidelines: This topic will familiarize the learner with the various laws, guidelines, and procedures that relate to the international enforcement of antitrust.

T6. Penalties: This topic will explain the possible criminal and civil penalties that one may face for violating any of the various antitrust laws.

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