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Category: Human Resources

T1. What Is Harassment?: This topic will define harassment as a discriminatory or abusive behavior, and will instruct the learner on identifying and responding to harassment in the workplace.

T2. Protected Categories: This topic will discuss federally protected categories, including age, disability, national origin, and more, and the prohibition of discrimination against them.

T3. Types of Harassment: This topic will instruct the learner on the consequences of harassment and the effects that harassment has on victims, perpetrators, bystanders, and the organization as a whole.

T4. Channels of Harassment: This topic will discuss the four methods by which harassment is communicated: physical, verbal, non-verbal, and written, and examples and signs of each.

T5. Best Practices: This topic will educate the learner on best practices according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, utilizing the SPLENDID approach, areas of best practice, promotions, and more.

T6. What to Do If You Are Being Harassed: This topic will provide an overview for actions to take upon recognition of harassment, and will discuss the damages claimants can receive, in addition to the reporting process for instances of harassment.

T7. Rights of the Accused: This topic will describe the rights of the accused when a claim is filed, and will discuss the necessity of honesty and the avoidance of retaliation.

T8. Witnessing Harassment and Retaliation: This topic will introduce the learner to the appropriate action to take in order to respond to harassment and address retaliation.

T9. Investigation: This topic will provide an overview for what happens during an investigation, including information on conducting an investigation, questions to ask the parties involved, and more.

T10. Effects of Harassment: This topic will detail the costs of harassment and the effects that harassment has on the victims, perpetrators, bystanders, and organization as a whole.

T11. Supervisor Responsibilities: This topic will provide tips for supervisors for ensuring the safety and happiness of employees, in light of violent events or other occurrences in the workplace.

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