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Workplace Violence

Category: Human Resources

T1. Workplace Violence: This topic will define workplace violence according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and will detail locations, examples, and categories.

T2. Effects: This topic will address the costs and long-term effects of workplace violence on the victims, the perpetrators, the bystanders, and the organization as a whole.

T3. Domestic Violence and Stalking: This topic will explain domestic violence and stalking in terms of effects on victims in the workplace, and will detail signs and examples of each.

T4. Potentially Violent Situations: This topic will emphasize the importance of awareness and observation in identifying potentially violent workplace situations, and will detail appropriate actions should violent situations arise.

T5. Threats and Threatening Behavior: This topic will list the red flags of workplace violence and bullying, and will address the appropriate steps for conducting a threat assessment.

T6. Enforcement and Prevention: This topic will outline the changing role of law enforcement and will present the new model, which is based on early intervention.

T7. Response: This topic will encourage the learner to take early action when employees or customers exhibit disruptive actions or other behaviors that may be indicative of violence.

T8. Recovery: This topic will discuss the attention and resources necessary to recovering from acts of violence in the workplace by explaining debriefing, the basic steps to recovery, and more.

T9. Information Disclosure: This topic will educate the learner on the importance of information and communication, particularly in the aftermath of violent situations.

T10. Long-Term Security: This topic will clarify the necessity of safety in every situation, and will discuss crisis management, emergency response plans, and the necessary elements that make response plans truly effective.

T11. Supervisor Responsibilities: This topic will provide tips for supervisors for ensuring the safety and happiness of employees, in light of violent events or other occurrences in the workplace.

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