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Credit Unions: Branch Managers and Business Development

Category: Credit Unions
T1. CU:Market-Driven Focus: This topic will discuss the notion of ômarket focusö and the importance of, and steps toward becoming, a market-driven culture.

T2. CU:Analyzing & Segmenting Your Market: This topic will describe how to build brand equity, analyze situations, segment the market, and will discuss the criteria for market segmentation.

T3. CU:Setting Goals: This topic will instruct the learner on the importance of goals, the necessity for flexibility and goals, and the use of the SMART model.

T4. CU:Evaluating & Adapting: This topic will explain how the market is assessed, the common tools for evaluation, and how to assess competition.

T5. CU:Improving Market Value & Wallet Share: This topic will introduce the learner to increasing market share, and will describe wallet share (SOW) as well as how to improve it by using their knowledge of different types of members.

T6. CU:Work with the Phone Prospects: This topic will detail best practices for speaking to prospects on the phone, and will discuss leaving a voicemail, preparation, and impressions.

T7. CU:Leaving a Voicemail: This topic will instruct the learner on how best to leave a voicemail, including tips for leaving clear, concise, short, and contextual messages.

T8. CU:Business Contacts Through Email: This topic will provide an explanation for making business contacts, and will discuss potential disadvantages of using email and how best to personalize messages.

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