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PS: Customer Care

T1. PS: Customer Experience Statements: This topic will teach the learner about keeping the customerÆs experience in mind and the characteristics that customers would want to see in employees.

T2. PS: Giving and Getting Respect: This topic will explain to the learner the concept of respect and how to best demonstrate respect so that s/he is prepared to make a strong impression on customers.

T3. PS: Communication: This topic will examine various communication problems inhibiting the communication process, including information on encouraging teamwork and influencing others.

T4. PS: Phrasing: This topic will emphasize the notion that everything a person says communicates something, and will also provide best methods for communicating effectively and remembering the goal of communicating.

T5. PS: Probing: This topic will define probing and will familiarize the learner with detailed explanations for why probing is important to communication.

T6. PS: Telephone Usage: This topic will discuss the customer experience particular to telephone usage, including how to be prepared and actively listen.

T7. PS: Service: This topic will discuss how to properly communicate complex information, including information on how to use SERVICE to verify and correct mistakes.

T8. PS: Types of Customers: This topic will discuss the differences between youthful and senior members, and best practices on conducting business with each.

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