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Coaching the Team

T1. Coaching: This topic will discuss the importance of coaching and motivation among leaders, and will provide an overview of best practices for maximizing performance among employees.

T2. The CoachÆs Playbook: This topic will explain the COACH model in detail, providing tips and strategies for motivating, organizing, and helping employees to achieve success.

T3. Vision: This topic will detail the VISION model and its use in reinforcing the value of the work that a team does, including information on viewing, informing, understanding, and observing goals.

T4. Achieving Consensus: This topic will acquaint the learner with achieving consensus, including how to understand motivations, recognize goals, foster collaboration, and more.

T5. Problem-Solving and Decision Making: This topic will provide the learner with an introduction to decision-making by discussing problem analysis, proper handling, and the problem-solving model.

T6. Building Trust Relationships: This topic will provide an overview for the TRUST model and its use in facilitating the development of cooperative behaviors among employees.

T7. Team Dynamics: This topic will define synergy and will explain patterns of communication among employees that foster collaboration.

T8. Delegating and Coaching: This topic will explain the importance and benefits of delegation at the organization and will provide steps for ensuring that proper delegation decisions are made.

T9. Congratulating Team Members: This topic will familiarize the learner with tactics for delivering positive feedback to employees, including tips on how to recognize employees by providing them with interesting work, visibility, time off, and more.

T10. Communication: This topic will examine various communication problems inhibiting the communication process, including information on encouraging teamwork and influencing others.

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