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Delivering Performance Reviews

T1. Performance Management: This topic will discuss the primary function of conducting performance reviews, the importance of effective training and provide the learner with guidelines for setting job expectations.

T2. Preparing the Performance Review: This topic will define performance reviews and will educate the learner on the information included on a performance review and the steps to be taken when preparing a performance review, such as being prepared and organizing employee information.

T3. Conducting the Performance Review: This topic will familiarize the learner with the process of conducting a performance review, by focusing on guidelines managers should follow, such as being concrete, honest, and unbiased when conducting a review.

T4. The Four Levels of Listening: This topic will emphasize the difference between hearing and listening and will educate the learner on the four levels of listening: marginal, judgmental, active, and empathetic.

T5. Delivering Bad News: This topic will educate the learner about how to deliver bad news about performance reviews to employees by remaining objective, separating the person from the problem, and asking for input.

T6. Creating a Development Plan: This topic will define employee development plan and will educate the learner about how to create a successful plan that includes core competencies, competency gaps, and targeted status, in addition to opportunities for development.

T7. Pathways to Influencing: This topic will offer the learner advice on how to influence employees by defining coaching and explaining how to maximize performance through motivation and leadership.

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