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Overview of Business Continuity

T1. Business Continuity: This topic will introduce the learner to the concept of business continuity and define the way that catastrophic events and disaster recovery impact a businessÆs continuity ability.

T2. Planning: This topic will teach the learner about the best ways to plan a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) by describing the importance of the BCP, the consequences of having no BCP, and the best way to prepare and plan for a disaster or hindrance of business operations.

T3. Changing Assumptions: This topic will discuss for the learner the way that BCPs have changed over time to react to evolving world events and new business models as well as introduce the corporate contingency planning steps.

T4. Purpose and Scope of the BCP: This topic will familiarize the learner with the purpose of creating a successful BCP which achieves its objectives as well as considers potential situations that would require a BCP.

T5. Key Business Elements: This topic will introduce the learner to the need for a BCP to span across departments and consider the needs of the financial institution by describing the performance metrics that are essential to evaluate the key elements.

T6. Creating a Business BCP: This topic will describe for the learner in depth the steps of planning the BCP by detailing the actions necessary at each stage.

T7. Business Continuity Management: This topic will introduce the learner to the management discipline, business continuity management, and the role that it plays in risk reduction through the implementation of an effective crisis management approach.

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