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Overview of Mortgage Loan Fraud

Category: Mortgage Lending

T1. Introduction to Mortgage Loan Fraud: This topic will provide a brief overview of the facets of mortgage loan fraud, including information on the individuals who tend to commit mortgage loan fraud and how government involvement has tried to combat it.

T2. Fraud for Profit: This topic will describe fraud for profit, or industry insider fraud, in which the motive is to revolve equity, and will define industry insiders and how they commit fraud for profit.

T3. Fraud for Housing: This topic will clarify fraud for housing by explaining related schemes and discussing why borrowers commit fraud for housing.

T4. Preventing and Reporting Mortgage Loan Fraud: This topic will offer an outline of the learner's role as a mortgage industry insider and financial institution employee in detecting, preventing, and reporting mortgage loan fraud.

T5. Reviewing Loan Documentation: This topic will instruct the learner extensively on how to review features of various documents, such as Verification of Employment and Verification of Deposit, in order to detect and prevent mortgage loan fraud.

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