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The Investment Team

T1. The Investment Team: This topic will serve as an introduction to the functions performed by the investment team, with an overview of the positions that are included on the senior management team and the departments involved.

T2. Trading: This topic will provide an overview of the responsibilities of the Trading Department involving transactions required for the trading of stocks, bonds, currencies, options, or futures.

T3. Finance Services: This topic will introduce the learner to the Finance Department, which is made up of consultants who advise investors about market opportunities and changing market conditions.

T4. Brokerage: This topic will explain the purpose and function of the Brokerage Department, which deals in securities such as stocks, bonds, insurance, and other investments which earn commissions for the financial institution.

T5. Portfolio Management: This topic will discuss the functionality of the Portfolio Management Department, which is comprised of skilled employees who work with investors to perform various tasks.

T6. Additional Departments: This topic will expand upon two essential departments involved in investment tasks, Mergers and Acquisitions, which structure and execute a wide range of transactions, and Foreign Exchange, which manages investor demand for securities issued in emerging markets.

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