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Customer Service Excellence

T1. Defining Customer Service: This topic will provide the learner with information on the important aspects of customer service and handling the needs of customers.

T2. Communicating: This topic will introduce the learner to physical, non-verbal actions, spoken signals, oral replies, and closed and open questions.

T3. Frame of Reference: This topic will provide an overview of self-image, a personal vision statement, and the ôSPIRITö model to the learner.

T4. Improving Communication: This topic will provide an overview of empathy, dangerous misconceptions, roadblocks to effective communication, and eliminating barriers.

T5. Proper Telephone Skills: This topic will provide information on opening a telephone conversation, showing respect to customers, how to use a pleasant telephone voice, and successfully ending a telephone conversation.

T6. Handling Everyday Requests: This topic will provide an overview of warm transfers, correctly placing customers on hold, properly taking messages, and the importance of accuracy.

T7. Resolving Conflicts: This topic provides an overview of decreasing conflict, avoiding communication break-downs, and dealing with problem individuals.

T8. Identifying and Addressing Customer Problems: This topic provides tips to solve customersÆ problems, sympathizing, expressing regret, and resolving problems swiftly.

T9. The Importance of Leadership: This topic provides information on leadership, the Situational Leadership Model, and styles of leadership.

T10. Engaging Employees: This topic provides information about cultivating potential, keys to becoming an effective manager, understanding employees, and defining the various types of employees found in the workplace.

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