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Introduction to Human Resources

Category: Human Resources

T1. HR Responsibilities: This topic will ensure that the learner understands the general function of HR departments and provide the learner with important information regarding duties that are typically required of HR personnel.

T2. Analyzing Positions: This topic will familiarize the learner with forecasting techniques by demonstrating how they are typically applied at organizations, and provide information regarding job analyses, job descriptions, and job competencies.

T3. Identifying Qualified Candidates: This topic will provide the learner with techniques for identifying potential candidates when new employees must be hired at an organization, and emphasizes the importance of specificity when establishing criterion for qualified applicants.

T4. Conducting Effective Interviews: This topic will provide the learner with characteristics indicative of a thorough interview process, including information regarding behavioral interview questions and techniques for soliciting useful information from interviewees. This topic also emphasizes the importance of objectivity during post-interview processes.

T5. Orientation Programs: This topic outlines specific techniques that are beneficial when developing orientation programs, and describes common mistakes that organizations make when developing and executing introductory procedures for new employees.

T6. Training Programs: This topic provides the learner with information regarding the development of effective in-house training programs, and describes the benefits of hiring external organizations to conduct training for new employees.

T7. Discipline and Terminations: This topic describes disciplinary procedures that HR personnel are responsible for implementing, and will provide the learner with appropriate procedures for terminating an employee. This topic also gives an overview of how an effective exit interview is conducted.

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