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ML:Common Fraud Schemes

Category: Mortgage Lending

T1. Identity Theft: This topic will help the learner understand the crime of identity theft by describing the scheme and how thieves profit from identity theft.

T2. Phishing and Vishing: This topic will teach the learner about phishing, a cybercrime where thieves steal sensitive private account information for criminal purposes, and vishing, which is a variation on the phishing email schemes, so that s/he understands the warning signs and ways to prevent the crimes.

T3. Impersonators: This topic will teach the learner how to recognize impersonators looking to scam and deceive people and will prepare the learner to handle impersonators should s/he come across one.

T4. Embezzlement: This topic will familiarize the learner with the crime known as embezzlement, which is a type of fraud, by defining the crime and providing information for recognizing and preventing embezzlement.

T5. Internet Fraud: This topic will teach the learner about internet fraud that s/he might encounter while doing his/her job at the financial institution, the topic includes a discussion of the red flags that indicate internet fraud and the best ways to prevent the crime from occurring.

T6. Mortgage Fraud: This topic will teach the learner about mortgage fraud, which involves fraud related to obtaining a loan to secure a home, and go over such topics as mortgage fraud statistics, mortgage fraud schemes, and red flags.

T7. Accounting Fraud: This topic will instruct the learner about accounting fraud so that s/he understands and knows how to recognize the basics of this crime and can be best prepared to prevent accounting fraud before it occurs.

T8. Disaster Fraud: This topic will familiarize the learner with disaster fraud, which occurs when criminals see an opportunity to capitalize on the misfortune of others following a disaster or catastrophic event, by describing and defining the scope of types of disaster fraud schemes.

T9. Other Types of Fraud: This topic will introduce the learner to more types of fraud, such as lottery and telephone fraud, that s/he may encounter on the job so that s/he understands how to identify such fraud.

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