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Bullying in the Workplace

T1. How to Define Bullying: This topic will define bullying, the influential aspects of bullying, additional terms used for bullying, and the details of the Workplace Bullying InstituteƆs (WBI) survey.

T2. Understanding Bullying Behavior: This topic will give an overview on the background of bullying behavior, the inception of bullying behavior, and personality disorders that result in bullying behavior.

T3. Protection from Bullying: This topic will give an overview of slanted thinking, how to effectively set boundaries to protect emotional and physical space, prioritizing wants and needs, and the importance of ruling out perfectionism.

T4. Dealing and Coping Strategies: This topic will give an overview of how bullies rationalize bullying behavior and the resulting thoughts, the circumstances leading to bullying, and effective and ineffective strategies for dealing with bullying in the workplace.

T5. Witnessing Bullying: This topic will explain the importance of not remaining silent about witnessing bullying, contributing factors that force inaction of reporting bullying behavior, and the importance of assertive body language being used as a deterrent to bullying.

T6. Developing a Bully-Free Workplace: This topic will present strategies for preventing bullying from occurring, creating an effective anti-bullying policy, training employees on the policy, and implementation and enforcement of the policy.

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