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Effective Presentation Skills

T1. A Good Presenter: This topic will explain what makes a good presenter, and will list benchmark indicators to measure presentation ability, such as eyes, hands, movement, energy, and more.

T2. Eye Contact and Vocal Projection: This topic will illustrate the characteristics from which an audience forms an impression of a speaker, and will explain the benefits of maintaining eye contact and voice control.

T3. Posture and Movement: This topic will instruct the learner on ways to use nervousness to his/her benefit by explaining problems with posture and other ways to enhance a presentation.

T4. Visual Aids, Scripts, and Podiums: This topic will introduce the learner to the use of visual aids as memory devices during presentations, and will provide guidelines to effectively use visual aids, such as keeping visuals simple and visualizing the verbal.

T5. Presenter Delivery Sequence: This topic will clarify the listenerÆs frame of reference as a means of increasing the persuasiveness of a presentation, and will detail the presenter delivery sequence.

T6. Planning a Presentation: This topic will include a detailed explanation of the importance of planning and preparing for presentations, and will prompt the learner to remember the audience at all times.

T7. Developing a Conclusion: This topic will emphasize the importance of a strong conclusion by discussing how to plan for a short, effective conclusion that includes a final call to action and a reason to act.

T8. Practicing a Presentation: This topic will outline the importance of practicing presentations and will provide ways in which to practice to be best prepared for the real presentation.

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