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Major Principles of Business Continuity Process

T1. Operational Disruptions and Disasters: This topic will provide the learner with an overview of best practices for mitigating and handling major operational disruptions and disasters as outlined in a Business Continuity Plan and in accordance with the Disaster Recovery Institute.

T2. Recovery Objectives: This topic will discuss recovery objectives for each type of risk to the bankÆs operations, which are included in the Business Continuity Plan, and will detail disaster recovery team arrangements, effects, and risk.

T3. Communications: This topic will enhance the learnerÆs knowledge of communications, particularly in the event of an emergency, including information on contingency planning and effective communication procedures.

T4. Benefits of High-Level Principles: This topic will explain the necessity of the Basel Committee on Banking SupervisionÆs High-Level Principles for Business Continuity, and the role they play in improving organizational resilience, planning for operational disruptions, and considering cost-benefits.

T5. Types of Plans: This topic will offer the learner a synopsis of different types of business plans, including Business Continuity Plans, Business Recovery Plans, Continuity of Operations Plans, and what these and other plans establish in terms of procedures.

T6. Implementing and Maintaining the Plan: This topic will expand upon plan development by discussing outsourcing, plan implementation and mitigation strategies, and the importance of a plan of reassessment, to name a few.

T7. Disaster Recovery: This topic will evaluate disaster recovery as a process by which the financial institution resumes business after a disruptive event, and will explain what it encompasses, essential elements, and a timeline of events for most disastrous events.

T8. Effective Management: This topic will discuss for the learner the qualities of successful leadership behavior by describing the top managementÆs role in Business Continuity Management (BCM).

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