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Creative Thinking Techniques

T1. Creativity: This topic will define creativity, and will discuss how best to generate alternative solutions and creative ideas, in addition to how to create an atmosphere conducive to generating these innovative ideas.

T2. Thinking Creatively: This topic will discuss the key principles for encouraging creativity, obstacles to creativity, and the divergent and convergent thinking necessary for creative problem solving.

T3. Creativity Blocks: This topic will describe how creativity is restrained by common conceptual blocks, categorized as perceptual, emotional, cultural, environmental, intellectual, and expressive.

T4. Brainstorming: This topic will explain why brainstorming is necessary, and will compare brainstorming to other methods of problem solving, as well as provide an introduction to the benefits and rules of brainstorming.

T5. Lateral Thinking: This topic will discuss lateral thinking, the color system, and the types of thinking tools necessary to break current-thinking patterns, broaden search options for new ideas, ensure more value is received from idea-generating output, and consider real-world constraints.

T6. Performance: This topic will illustrate how best to increase personal performance and the four decision-making methods that affect personal and organizational performance.

T7. Root Problems: This topic will discuss root problems and their symptoms, Root Cause Analysis and its process, and types of causes, including physical, human, and organizational.

T8. Handling Mistakes and Problems: This topic will instruct the learner on how to predict potential failures before they happen and to use the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis tool to analyze and solve problems.

T9. Decision Criteria: This topic will describe the purpose of the five ôEÆsö for decision criteria, including engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, and evaluation, and their use in the decision-making process and professional development.

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