Custom Training

Banker’s Academy understands the importance of customizing your courseware— your programs need to be tailored to your company’s specific needs and goals.  To meet and exceed client expectations, we’ve enhanced our in-house technologies, which now range from the most simplistic user-friendly interface (allowing you to rapidly generate and distribute engaging content), to the most dynamic interface (allowing you to build engaging rich media, application simulations, and more).  Our courses are designed and maintained to provide the optimal building blocks for your targeted training needs. Banker’s Academy courses can be combined with any specific Bank content to create just the right curriculum for you.

You can easily customize content with Banker’s Academy’s Course Authoring Tool. Using this tool directly within Banker’s Academy’s LMS,  you have the ability to rapidly generate new content specific to your organization. Once you modify courses or components through the Course Authoring Tool, the modified content will then be maintained and updated by you.