System Simulations Training

Systems conversions can be a long and bumpy road. Whether you are implementing a new system due to a merger or acquisition, or you are simply upgrading your technology, systems conversion efforts consume vast amounts of company resources.

The real challenge is giving your employees the training and practice they need to make the new system a success. You must ensure that your staff is able to accurately process transactions when you flip the switch. Our customized System Simulation Training (SST) programs provide hands-on experiences via our three step methodology model:

  • Observe: Participants are introduced to your new workflow, steps, screens, and documents associated with the new transaction procedure.
  • Practice: After reading a realistic customer transaction scenario, participants perform the steps of the transaction in a real-life, simulated environment with a step-by-step guide.
  • Demonstrate: Participants practice their mastery of the procedures by handling common business scenarios while receiving immediate feedback on their number of keystrokes and/or mouse clicks.
SST is a simulation training methodology that can quickly optimize employees’ performance–reducing costly training sessions and costly mistakes resulting from system misuse.