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Commercial Lending Fraud

Seat Time: 1.25hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to commercial lending fraud, including the various types of fraud, how to prevent lending fraud and the red flags to be aware of. After completing this program the learner will understand:

  • How to differentiate between the various types of lending fraud.
  • The potential signs of fraud and how to prevent lending fraud.
  • How to review loan documents.
Banking & Financial
Commercial Lending Basics

Seat Time: 2.25hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to skills and standards necessary to be a successful commercial lender. The course will familiarize the learner with aspects of commercial lending, such as the types of businesses, commercial loans, and collateral involved in commercial lending, in addition to common commercial loan products. After completing this program the learner will understand:

  • How to maintain confidentiality as a commercial lender.
  • How to analyze financial information as it relates to commercial lending.
  • The various loan products offered to businesses.
Banking & Financial
Coin and Currency

Seat Time: 1hrs - Desc:

This course will provide the learner with a comprehensive overview of the types of U.S coin and currency that s/he will encounter when handling money on the job. The learner will be able to identify and understand the importance of the individual features that appear on U.S. coins and banknotes. After completing the program the learnerwill be better prepared to:

  • Detect damaged, mutilated and counterfeit coins and currency.
  • Follow the appropriate procedures for handling currency at the organization.    
  • Understand the security features of U.S. banknotes and recognize their importance in protecting the organization and its customers from money laundering and counterfeiting.
Banking & Financial
Consumer Lending Procedures

Seat Time: 2.5hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to the extensive procedures involved in consumer lending. The learner will become familiar with application process and documentation, home equity loan documentation, and liens on collateral, in addition to many other aspects. After completing this program the learner will understand:

  • How to quote rates to customers.
  • The pre-closing and closing processes.
  • How to communicate loan decisions to customers.
Banking & Financial
CSO Basics

Seat Time: 1.75hrs - Desc:

This course will offer an overview of the duties and responsibilities of the Customer Service Officer (CSO). This course will also introduce the learner to aspects of confidentiality and professionalism, which should be adhered to at all times. After completing this program, the learner will be able to:

  • Perform the appropriate tasks and duties of the Customer Service Officer.
  • Act appropriately and professionally as a representation of the financial institution to the customer.
  • Understand and use cross-selling procedures and strategies to further customer relationships with the financial institution.
Banking & Financial
Customer Care for CSOs

Seat Time: 3hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to procedures for providing customers with ongoing, positive experiences. Some of the procedures that this course will outline include communication through listening, phrasing and probing; proper telephone usage, and the various types of customers who will be encountered. After completing this program the learner will understand:

  • The importance of giving and getting respect.
  • How to properly communicate complex information.
  • How to provide appropriate service to customers with disabilities.
Banking & Financial