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Model Analysis

T1. Uncertainty and Risk: This topic will provide the learner with an overview of the types of risk in a financial model that the learner might encounter as well as addresses balancing the financial model.

T2. Sensitivity Analysis: This topic will teach the learner about how sensitivity analysis (SA) is used so that the learner understands the interactions between SA and model testing and single and multi-way SA.

T3. Monte Carlo Scenario: This topic will teach the learner about the Monte Carlo simulation, including how it works, the types of distribution involved, and the advantages that the Monte Carlo simulation has over deterministic estimates.

T4. Scenario Analysis: This topic will introduce the learner to the concept of scenario analysis, addressing how scenario analysis works and the components and benefits of performing a scenario analysis so the learner understands how scenario analysis will be applied on the job.

T5. Linear and Goal Programming: This topic will instruct the learner on LP, or Linear Programming, so that the learner understands how LP works and the methods, such as the simplex method, which solve linear programs.

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