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Consumer Lending Fraud

T1. Overview of Lending Fraud: This topic will discuss the frequency and scope of lending fraud within the industry, with additional information discussing statistics and figures involving active areas.

T2. Types of Lending Fraud: This topic will provide an overview of the different types of lending fraud and the red flags and preventative measures involved in each.

T3. Types of Mortgage Fraud: This topic will discuss the different types of mortgage fraud, such as equity skimming, property flipping, and silent seconds, with examples of each, red flags, and tips for clients who are in compromised situations.

T4. Preventing Lending Fraud: This topic will discuss lending fraud prevention tactics and methods, such as knowing the customer, watching for red flags, and checking for consistency.

T5. Red Flags of Money Laundering: This topic will teach the learner about the warning signs that money laundering is occurring, such as avoiding reporting or recordkeeping or suspicious branch activities, so that the learner will be able to recognize red flags of money laundering.

T6. Reviewing Loan Documentations For Fraud: This topic will educate the learner on the process of reviewing loan documents, such as the Verification of Employment, paystubs, and Form W-2, for signs of fraud, with detailed examples of potential signs of fraud.

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