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Overview of Treasury Products : Part II

T1. Structured Swaps: This topic will describe structured swaps, give examples, and describe other OTC instruments such as interest rate swaps and fixed-for-floating interest rate swaps.

T2. Cross Currency Swaps: This topic will explore cross-currency swaps, and will delve into foreign exchange rates and combining swaps.

T3. Structured FX Options: This topic will discuss the Foreign Exchange or currency option, and will describe the market and other options for purchasing and selling currency.

T4. Equity Linked Notes: This topic will discuss Equity Linked Notes, including information on design, structure, market, and the different types, such as MIDS and MITTS.

T5. OTC Equity Options: This topic will discuss equity options, including information about the two types, call and put options, and will describe different contracts and strategies.

T6. Commodity Structure: This topic will explain commodity structures, and will provide information about the ET market, products, contracts, and more.

T7. Carry Trade: This topic will illustrate the use and importance of carry trades, and will describe how carry trades work, exchange rates, and using the Forex market.

T8. Asset Swaps: This topic will clarify the use and importance of asset swaps, and will discuss variations, such as par, market, and forward asset swaps.

T9. Credit Default Swaps: This topic will present credit default swaps, the most common credit derivative, and will explain primary parties to CDSs, typical transactions, and more.

T10. Credit Linked Notes: This topic will describe Credit Linked Notes, another common credit derivative, and will explain how CLNs work, the use of protection sellers, and more.

T11. CDOs and CPDOs: This topic will differentiate between CDOs and CPDOs, and will explain their histories, types, structures, values, and more.

T12. Index Tracker Structures: This topic will describe index trackers, active and passive management, and the inherent advantages and disadvantages involved in the use of mutual funds.

T13. Total Return Swaps: This topic will discuss Total Return Swaps, with details about the market participants involved, the history of TRSs, and more.

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