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Communication for Branch Managers

T1. The Importance of Communication: This topic will expound upon the fundamental use of communication, and its importance in the daily exchanges between branch managers and employees.

T2. Interpersonal Skills: This topic will discuss the notion that there is more to communicating than just talking, and will delineate between ôsendersö and ôreceiversö in communication.

T3. Face-to-Face Communication: This topic will explain the steps that must be followed in order to effectively communication with fellow employees in face-to-face situations.

T4. Perception and Communication: This topic will describe the elements which influence our perceptions, including the physical, environmental, and learned.

T5. Communicate to Influence and Inspire: This topic will explore the concept of influencing people and situations from the point of contact with them.

T6. Establishing Rapport: This topic will encourage the use of rapport in building strong, long-term relationships, and will explain the Four CÆs of Rapport and their use in creating a positive work environment.

T7. The LMX Theory: This topic will discuss the LMX theory, which classifies individuals with whom branch managers associate in and out groups, and will also discuss role-taking, role-making, and routinization.

T8. 12 Aspects of Relationships: This topic will evaluate how communication is affected, and will provide an explanation for the twelve facets of communication found in all interactions in any relationship, such as dominance, intimacy, and more.

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