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Branch Manager Standards

T1. The Importance of the Branch Manager: This topic will introduce the learner to the role and responsibilities of a branch manager, including tips for performing duties for superior customer service.

T2. Job of the Branch Manager: This topic will describe what the job of the branch manager entails, with information on employee-related and customer-related activities in which the branch manager engages.

T3. Employee and the Customer Needs: This topic will discuss the skills and abilities that branch managers require in order to effectively communicate and interact with employees and customers alike.

T4. Branch Manager Challenges: This topic will illustrate the most common challenges that face branch managers in order for the learner to understand job expectations.

T5. History of Your Financial Institution: This topic will provide a brief overview of the three facets of a financial institution that branch managers should be familiar with: experience, size, and future outlook.

T6. Vision and Values: This topic will familiarize the learner with the importance of having a defined vision and values for the financial institution, which can include honesty and integrity, customer appreciation, and a commitment to the community.

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