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Basic Treasury Management

T1. Introduction: This topic will serve as an introduction to the products and services financial institutions must offer in order to stay concurrent with consumer demands.

T2. Derivatives Markets: This topic will explain derivatives markets and their importance as tradable financial instruments, and will also detail the different types that exist.

T3. Money Markets: This topic will describe money markets as a means for short-term borrowing and lending, and will list participants and products therein.

T4. Treasury Services: This topic will illustrate the foreign exchange market as the market in which currencies are traded, and will explain the main reasons for trading and the participants who are involved.

T5. Foreign Exchange (FX) Markets: This topic will introduce the learner to the role of Treasury as the coordinator of funds in a financial institution. This role maintains that institution's liquidity.

T6. Cash Management: This topic will clarify the purpose of cash management, the forecasting, control, and stewardship of the financial institution's financial assets, and will review a Treasury Department's responsibilities in that respect.

T7. Managing Payables: This topic will include an explanation of operational reserves kept by a financial institution to cover possible liquidity needs, and will expand upon the other factors that must be considered.

T8. Liquidity Management: This topic will afford the learner a discussion of liquidity, the ability to meet a financial institution's financial obligations, and will describe how liquidity is managed on the asset side and on the liability side.

T9. Risks: This topic will discuss the types of risks resulting from acquiring an asset or incurring a liability, including liquidity, price, and counter-party risks, among others.

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