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Aspects of a Financial Model

T1. What is a Financial Model?: This topic will describe financial models and discuss what they say about an organization by explaining different classifications and models.

T2. Objectives: This topic will illustrate the overall objectives that should be remembered when creating a financial model, including information on the basic design and components.

T3. Financial Forecasting: This topic will discuss why financial modeling is important, and will discuss forecasting and the finance industry.

T4. Historical Data: This topic will discuss historical data and its use in measuring the growth of a companyƆs net income, and will explain sources of data and historical weights.

T5. Revenue Projections: This topic will discuss revenue and how institutions work to gain it, and will examine top-line growth, EPS, and target price.

T6. Expense and Margin: This topic will define margins, and will discuss the different types, including gross, operating, and net.

T7. Spreadsheet Structuring: This topic will discuss the importance of a structured spreadsheet, including information on types of worksheets such as input, cell logic, output, and macro.

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