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Analyzing Performance and Condition

T1. Spreading Financial Statements: This topic will explain the process of transferring data from financial statements to the accountant, or from the company-prepared format to the standard format, (ôfinancial statement spreadingö), in addition to explaining common spreading, balance sheet, and income statement adjustments, and conservatism to the learner.

T2. Analyzing the Balance Sheet: This topic will explain a companyÆs ability to meet short-term obligations (ôliquidityö), the relationship between current assets and current liabilities, the three tools used by lenders in liquidity analysis, and measuring and analyzing leverage.

T3. Analyzing the Income Statement: This topic will explain the lenderÆs primary tool in measuring and analyzing profit (ôprofit marginsö), expressing profits, what the gross profit margin measures, the steps required to analyze a companyÆs gross margin, and what the operating expense ratio measures to the learner.

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