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Notary Basics

T1. Notary Basics: This topic will explore the basic duties and requirements of the notary, including the purpose of a notary and how to achieve success as a notary.

T2. The Notary Journal: This topic will discuss the importance of the notary journal, or notarial register, and will provide a detailed outline of how to keep appropriate entries.

T3. Jurat and Acknowledgement Forms: This topic will describe the forms of notarization most commonly used by notaries, jurats and acknowledgements, and how they are used.

T4. Seals and Stamps: This topic will provide details on the seals and stamps used by notaries for notarial acts and forms.

T5. Misconduct and Errors: This topic will explain the high regard with which the government holds notaries public, and will provide information on the penalties of notary misconduct.

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