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Teller Basics

T1. How to Look Professional: This topic will discuss the importance of appearance in the professional setting, and will outline guidelines for both men and women.

T2. Professional Behavior: This topic will explain the necessity of professionalism for tellers, including the importance of cultivating characteristics such as loyalty and respect with additional points upon socialization.

T3. Handling Confidential Information: This topic will discuss the importance of confidentiality in conjunction with specific points concerning the security of customer and co-worker information.

T4. Efficient Work Habits: This topic will introduce the learner to organizational skills designed to improve productivity and encourage good habits in the workplace.

T5. Cross-Selling: This topic will define ôcross-sellingö and discuss the benefits to the customer and the financial institution, as well as the process of identifying customer needs and making the sale.

T6. Working with Numbers: This topic will outline proper procedures for handling numbers, including understanding rates, percentages, and interest.

T7. Bookkeeping Basics: This topic will compare debit to credit and delineate different examples for each as well as tips for bookkeeping and balancing.

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