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The FFIEC's Business Continuity Planning Booklet

T1. Top Management Responsibility: This topic will explore the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Information Technology Examination Handbook, or Business Continuity Planning Booklet, which provides guidance to assist examiners in evaluating financial institution and service provider risk management processes.

T2. Business Continuity Planning: This topic will examine what should be included in the FFIEC Business Continuity Booklet, such as significant objectives, critical elements of recovery, financial industry participants, updates, and more.

T3. Business Impact Analysis: This topic will detail the first step in the business continuity planning process, the BIA, which should include assessment, prioritization, identification, estimation, and more.

T4. Risk Assessment and Management: This topic will discuss risk assessment as the second step in the business continuity planning process, and will identify realistic threat scenarios in conjunction with disaster planning and analysis of various factors in such situations.

T5. Risk Monitoring and Testing: This topic will provide an overview of risk monitoring and testing, the final steps in the cyclical business continuity process which ensures that the financial institutionÆs business continuity planning process remains viable through various developments and assignments.

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