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T1. History of the Act and Its Powers: This topic will provide a thorough overview of the events that led to the creation of the USA PATRIOT Act, and will include details concerning the Act's purpose and powers in deterring and punishing terrorist acts in the United States and around the world.

T2. Impact of the USA PATRIOT Act: This topic will expand upon specific sections of the USA PATRIOT Act which facilitate the federal government's collection of a greater amount of information than has been authorized previously; these sections include such areas as Special Due Diligence for Correspondent Accounts and Information Sharing.

T3. Laws Amended by the USA PATRIOT Act: This topic will acquaint the learner with the changes made to certain U.S. laws by the USA PATRIOT Act, including amendments to the Wiretap Statute, Immigration and Nationality Act, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and more.

T4. Sunset Provisions: This topic will afford the learner an examination of the sunset provision of the USA PATRIOT Act which are set to expire, such as the lone wolf provision, roving wiretaps provision, and library provisions.

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