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Overview of Treasury Products : Part I

T1. Treasury Products and Services: This topic will introduce the learner to treasury products and services available to customers, including structured swaps, equity linked notes, OTC equity options, and more.

T2. Derivatives Markets: This topic will explain derivatives markets and their importance as tradable financial instruments, and will also detail the different types that exist.

T3. Money Markets: This topic will describe money markets as a means for short-term borrowing and lending, and will list participants and products therein.

T4. Foreign ExchangeMarkets: This topic will describe Foreign Exchange markets and their importance in high-volume trading around the world, with details on exchange rates, purpose, and participants.

T5. Structuring and Financial Engineering: This topic will instruct the learner on financial engineering, the use of financial instruments to structure or rearrange cash flows, and will detail tools, instruments, and debt structures.

T6. Pricing and Trade Execution: This topic will discuss derivatives pricing, and will detail implications, hedging, and markets in which to execute trades.

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