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Introduction to Communication

T1. Importance of Communication: This topic will present the inherent need for communication and the function of communication in the business world.

T2. Interpersonal Skills: This topic will discuss the notion that there is more to communicating than just talking, and will delineate between ôsendersö and ôreceiversö in communication.

T3. Face-to-Face Communication: This topic will explain the steps that must be followed in order to effectively communication with fellow employees in face-to-face situations.

T4. Perception and Communication: This topic will describe the elements which influence our perceptions, including the physical, environmental, and learned.

T5. Communicating and Teams: This topic will communicate to the learner essential team communication meetings, strategies, and guidelines.

T6. Communicate to Influence and Inspire: This topic will explore the concept of influencing people and situations from the point of contact with them.

T7. Establish Communicator Credibility: This topic will delve into the TRUST Model, and concepts such as treating people as individuals and respecting the organization.

T8. Direct and Indirect Channels: This topic will serve as a basis for understanding direct and indirect channels of communication and the uses of these in the organization.

T9. Presenting Organized Information: This topic emphasizes the importance of presenting complex information effectively and aspects of language and written information that ensures a clear message is conveyed.

T10. Communication Barriers: This topic will derive the numerous communication road blocks that arise during communication that tend to disrupt the message being conveyed.

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