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Emotional Intelligence

T1. The History of Emotional Intelligence: This topic will give the learner a brief overview of innovations that occurred in the study of emotional intelligence.

T2. Emotional Intelligence: This topic will outline the significance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and the concept of intelligence by explaining the five domains of EI and the different concepts of intelligence.

T3. Emotions: This topic will provide a definition of emotions and will discuss the seven basic emotions that create the base of EI, including fear, sadness, anger, joy, and more.

T4. Intelligence Quotient: This topic will compare EI and IQ and will discuss the benefits of being emotionally intelligent, as well as highlight the success of the emotionally intelligent.

T5. The Emotional System: This topic will expand upon the four sections of the human brain that control the entire emotional system, and will provide the models for emotional intelligence.

T6. Developing EQ: This topic will examine what emotionally intelligent people must achieve in order to manage relationships and achieve results, and will analyze the effects of EI and the Emotional Quotient (EQ).

T7. Optimism and Pessimism: This topic will demonstrate different examples of optimistic and pessimistic emotional reactions, and provide instances in which the respective emotional reactions are appropriate.

T8. The Stoplight Method: This topic will acquaint the learner with the stoplight method, which helps individuals control their emotions, and will suggest the benefits this has to the workplace.

T9. The Emotions of Others: This topic will provide information regarding the emotions of others, provide tips for active listening, and demonstrate how to appropriately react to another individualÆs emotions.

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