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Communication Strategies

T1. Introduction to CLEAR: This topic will introduce the learner to the CLEAR model, a way to handle customer complaints, so that s/he is prepared to succeed when encountering such obstacles.

T2. Problem Customers: This topic will describe best methods for handling angry and upset customers, and will discuss how to follow customer-protection policies while also developing customer relationships.

T3. Unreasonable Customers: This topic will discuss how best to handle unreasonable customers by listening and thinking before responding, probing for understanding, presenting the information, and remaining professional.

T4. Resolving Issues: This topic will provide an overview of how best to solve issues, when the financial institution makes a mistake, by remembering SERVICE, which involves apologizing, empathizing, responding, verifying, identifying, confirming, and ending.

T5. Listening: This topic will explain the importance of listening skills, and will detail the components of the LISTEN model for active listening skills, including leaning forward and identifying key points.

T6. Finding a Solution: This topic will present how best to handle a wide variety of situations which may be considered ôproblem situations,ö and will discuss communicating, using good feedback skills and a friendly tone, and more.

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