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Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

T1. What Is a Problem?: This topic will define problems and will give the basics for problem-solving, including the six major steps: define and analyze the problem, generate, analyze and select solutions, and plan a course of action.

T2. Problem Objectives: This topic will discuss developing the skills necessary to identify a problem and create appropriate solutions by focusing on team, organizational, and task objectives.

T3. Obstacles to Problem Solving: This topic will discuss how misinformation, bias, and emotions can be obstacles to successful problem solving.

T4. Recognizing a Problem: This topic will explain components of the problem-solving process, including recognizing a problem, acting, and focusing on the bigger picture.

T5. Problem Ownership: This topic will detail problem ownership and will discuss differing viewpoints and differentiating between problems and challenges.

T6. Tackling Problems: This topic will address how to resolve and solve problems by addressing the cause, asking questions, and taking a specific course of action.

T7. Decision-Making vs. Problem-Solving: This topic will compare decision-making to problem-solving by addressing the processes involved in each course of action.

T8. Approaches: This topic will delineate different approaches to various types of problems, including creative, logical, and soft systems.

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