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Category: Human Resources

T1. Diversity: This topic will define and stress the importance of diversity for the learner and will provide him/her with examples and explanations of negative attitudes and behaviors, like stereotyping and discrimination, that should be avoided at the financial institution.

T2. Benefits Diversity: This topic will focus on the benefits of diversity, such as employee inclusion and improved work environment, while also addressing some of the challenges of diversity for employees, including communication and resistance to change.

T3. The Diverse Organization: This topic will familiarize the learner with the purpose of a diverse organization, while addressing the possible pitfalls of a diverse organization, in addition to what make such a diverse organization successful.

T4. Encouraging Diversity: This topic will emphasize workplace diversity by offering the learner strategies for eliminating workplace stereotypes and promoting cultural awareness in order to fulfill the financial institutionÆs commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse workplace.

T5. Diversity Roadblocks: This topic discusses the potential roadblocks that an organization may face when trying to create a diverse workplace.

T6. Handling Conflicts: This topic discusses how to handle conflicts that may arise as a result of working in a diverse business environment.

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