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CU: Handling Different Types of Members

Category: Credit Unions
T1. CU:CLEAR: This topic will introduce the learner to the CLEAR model, a way to handle member complaints, so that s/he is prepared to succeed when encountering such obstacles.

T2. CU:Problem Members: This topic will describe best methods for handling angry and upset members, and will discuss how to follow member-protection policies while also developing member relationships.

T3. CU:Problem Situations: This topic will present how best to handle a wide variety of situations which may be considered ôproblem situations,ö and will discuss communicating, using good feedback skills and a friendly tone, and more.

T4. CU:Credit Union Issues: This topic will discuss the different issues that might arise at the credit union, including how to verify and correct these mistakes and any resulting consequences.

T5. CU:Senior Members: This topic will discuss the appropriate methods for interacting with senior members.

T6. CU:Members with Special Needs: This topic will discuss how best to give members with special needs an ongoing, pleasant experience, and will describe, specifically, how to handle members with vision, hearing, physical, and speech impairments.

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