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Credit Unions: Member Handling System

Category: Credit Unions
T1. CU:Greet the Member: This topic will describe the process of greeting members and welcoming them to the credit union, including tips for what not to do.

T2. CU:Observe Proper Procedures: This topic will introduce the learner to proper procedures for handling member concerns and transactions.

T3. CU:Listen and Understand Member Needs: This topic will address the necessity of listening and understanding member needs, with information on giving undivided attention and confirming understanding.

T4. CU:Determine Document Accuracy: This topic will educate the learner on the importance of determining document accuracy by developing good habits and educating the member.

T5. CU:Get Ready to Process: This topic will provide an overview of techniques for getting ready to process transactions, including tips on tidiness, readiness, and professionalism.

T6. CU:Identify the Member: This topic will detail the appropriate measures for identifying the member, with a note to protect the credit union and the member from fraud.

T7. CU:Finish the Transaction: This topic will enumerate the ways in which a transaction is finished, including handling of the receipt and appropriate record placement.

T8. CU:Thank the Member: This topic will ensure that the learner thanks the member at the end of every transaction by detailing appropriate closing behaviors.

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