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Business Development

T1. Developing New Business: This topic will discuss the fundamentals of business development and communication, and the importance of those aspects.

T2. Researching Markets and Identifying Targets: This topic will describe how to identify, segment, and research a market segment in order to identify the customers where efforts are best spent, and will detail research resources for identifying new prospects.

T3. Your Outreach Plan: This topic will outline the common threads that weave the fabric of success in many pursuits, and will discuss reaching out to prospective customers with steps such as devising a plan and delivering proposals.

T4. Securing Meetings: This topic will explain the reasons for meeting with potential customers, and will include descriptions of necessary preparations to be made and characteristics to keep in mind, such as when to schedule, creating value propositions, and more.

T5. Creating Proposals: This topic will offer tactics for putting a proposal on paper, as well as specific information that must be included in every proposal such as the cover letter, objectives, assumptions, and more.

T6. Following Up and Managing Opportunities: This topic will introduce the learner to ways in which s/he can follow up with prospects following meetings, and will discuss documentation, communication, and following through.

T7. Working with Phone Prospects: This topic will detail best practices for speaking to prospects on the phone, and will discuss leaving a voicemail, preparation, and impressions.

T8. Presentations and Meetings: This topic will discuss the importance of presentations and meetings, including setting goals, establishing agendas, and closing appropriately.

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