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Business Etiquette

T1. Introduction to Business Etiquette: This topic will allow the learner to understand why practicing good business etiquette is appropriate, and how etiquette differs from culture to culture. This topic will also inform learners of how they should conduct themselves at the workplace.

T2. First Impressions: This topic will provide the learner with tools to ensure that they conduct themselves appropriately when meeting someone in a professional environment for the first time. This topic will include important information about business cards, creating small talk, and what not to do when meeting someone new.

T3. Proper Business Attire and Hygiene: This topic will ensure that the learner understands why appearance is an important aspect of professionalism, classify different types of attire frequently worn in professional environments, and clarify important aspects of everyday personal hygiene.

T4. Maintaining Professionalism When Dining: This topic discusses appropriate procedures for attending business dinners and luncheons, offers a detailed description of a typical place setting, and provides details regarding proper table manners.

T5. Professional Communication Practices: This topic will ensure that the learner is aware of appropriate etiquette on the telephone, and provide information that will allow them to maintain professionalism when sending and receiving emails.

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