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Basic Negotiation Skills

T1. The Art of Negotiation: This topic will explain how to use negotiation tactics in personal and professional sectors by balancing results and relationships, and understanding each.

T2. The Importance of Negotiation: This topic will discuss how best to approach and understand negotiations by having the right attitude, confidence, and professionalism.

T3. Know Your Style: This topic will provide a comprehensive overview of the behavior and style of effective and ineffective negotiators, and the different types of styles that help and hinder the negotiation process.

T4. Negotiation Terms: This topic will emphasize the importance of various terms used to describe aspects of the negotiation process, and will provide examples of each as well as detail the two basic categories of negotiations.

T5. Types of Negotiation: This topic will explain the different negotiation processes, including decision analysis, game theory, integrative negotiation, and distributive negotiation, among others.

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