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Overview of Social Networking

T1. Understanding Social Networking: This topic will define social networking, and will describe how social networking is used to establish links with other people using blogs, photos, and more.

T2. How Businesses Use Social Networking: This topic will explain how businesses use social networking to enhance the ability of businesses to perform many tasks at once, such as securing new customers and developing and maintaining existing customer relationships.

T3. A Business Development Tool: This topic will provide an overview for creating and protecting brand identity and branding through social networking by promoting in new ways and enhancing the customer experience.

T4. Customer Outreach and Touch Point Analysis: This topic will discuss how social networking allows for boosts in consumer confidence, sales, and customer relationships, and will address social networkingÆs use as an educational tool.

T5. Risk Mitigation: This topic will explain risk and will emphasize the importance of risk management when handling products, services, departments, and customers in virtual and physical settings.

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