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Risks of Social Networking

Category: Human Resources

T1. Protecting Information: This topic will ensure that the learner understands how social media can negatively impact the reputation of an organization and describes different types of security risks that can be imposed if social networking tools are used improperly.

T2. Productivity Issues: This topic will demonstrate the pros and cons of allowing employees to engage in social networking in the workplace and the effect it has on production at an organization.

T3. The Role of Human Resources: This topic will ensure that the learner understands how human resources departments should regulate the use of social networking at an organization and provides an outline of policies that should be implementedto ensure that social media is not misused.

T4. Addressing Employee Emotions: This topic will demonstrate to the learner how personnel at an organization should deal with situations in which former employees express issues with the organization using social media. This topic also provides examples of how prolonged use of social media can negatively affect employees.

T5. Changes in Current Legislation: This topic will define different violations that can be committed using social media websites and will inform the learner about recent legislation that has been passed regarding the use of social media outlets.

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