The effectiveness of any training program is anchored in the completion of a proper needs assessment at the organizational, divisional, departmental, and individual levels. With Edcomm Group Consulting, a proper needs assessment produces the blueprint of any training initiative, complete with curriculums, learning paths by function, assessments, and certifications.  We offer our clients world-class expertise in organizational training needs analyses and assessments—not only to satisfy regulatory mandates, but also to fulfill organizational goals and objectives in maximizing intellectual capital and human resources.

Our consultative services team will work with clients to gain an understanding of the client's: 

  1. Current programs;
  2. Current needs;
  3. Gaps and needs; and
  4. Next steps through a strategic assessment plan that outlines training and educational goals, leading to acquired skills that impact the ROI of a client’s training and compliance programs.

If you’d like to help your employees become more effective in their specific positions while also satisfying regulatory requirements, developing applied skills, and investing in your human capital for retention and promotion, contact us or call 1.888.433.2666 or +1.215.542.6900 today to speak to a Banker’s Academy representative, who will discuss with you our customized consultative services.